Arthur Gunn

In Short

I'm a full-stack developer. I know many languages but am concentrating on ruby and node and the ecosystem of technologies around them for the backend, with react.js, d3.js and other javascript libraries for the frontend.

I've discovered that it pays to do things right. In the software world, this means fixing problems where I find them and making pull-requests. Doing this with languages, I've contributed to ruby and macruby. With ruby, I've contributed to cells, rails_admin, rspec and thor. With javascript projects, I've contributed to react.js, ember.js, and many more. For a more complete idea of my open source work, please see my github account.

I like making graphical UIs that are intuitive and instantly responsive - as exemplified by my EverDB and AstroTour projects below. I'm now using react.js for organising large web projects with javascript (or typescript), and react-native to get them running on phones. I'm constantly experimenting with new libraries to keep on top of the game.



Online demonstrations of my work.