Arthur Gunn

In Short

I taught myself programming making flash movies dynamic with actionscript 1 (check out a 2004 example), and subsequently upgraded to 2 and 3 which I use with flex. I know many languages but am concentrating on ruby / rails and the ecosystem of technologies around them for the backend, with ember.js, d3.js and other javascript libraries for the frontend. Looking after many rails sites I have become comfortable setting up and maintaining servers. Currently I'm using rails on ruby 1.9.3 on passenger on nginx on ubuntu 12.04.

I've discovered that it pays to do things right. In the ruby world, this means fixing problems where I find them, making tests and pull-requests. Doing this with languages, I've contributed to ruby and macruby. As far as gems go, I've contributed to cells, rails_admin, rspec and thor. For a more complete idea of my open source work, please see my github account.

I like making graphical UIs that are intuitive and instantly responsive - as exemplified (hopefully) by my GunnMap and AstroTour projects below. I'm now using ember.js for organising large projects with Javascript. I'm experimenting with web components which I strongly suspect will power the next generation of frontend frameworks, and node-webkit for a way to package web-apps for the desktop. .


A selection of my most interesting online work.